Please never assume that a breeder is a reputable breeder because the puppies or parents are AKC registered. Unfortunately I have seen some very sad looking Shibas that are purebred, just backyard bred, and are AKC registered even though they don’t even meet the breed standard and neither do their parents. Please do your research before buying a puppy.
If you’re looking to purchase from a breeder these are the things to look for:
1) Each breed of dog has specific health testing that should be done through the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. The parents results can be found right on the website for any potential puppy buyer to see or they can request pictures of their health clearance certificates.
2) Make sure the breeder is breeding to the breed standard. The breed standard for every breed of dog can be found on the AKC website.
3) Make sure the breeder can show you pictures of both parents and that you can meet at least one of the parents. It is not uncommon for reputable breeders to breed one of their dogs to a dog someone else owns to try to better their dogs or their lines. It costs money to breed to someone else’s dog so don’t be scared away if the breeder doesn’t have the dad on premises, it just means they most likely saw qualities in another dog that they’d like their puppies to have and they are trying to improve or preserve the breed.
4) Most importantly make sure they stand behind their dogs for life. Of course you never want to return your dog, but if a breeder requires the dog get returned to them if you can’t keep it, you know they have the dogs best interest in mind. A reputable breeder would never contribute to the shelter population. Keep in mind reputable breeders will always want to screen the home personally, therefore they would never sell a puppy to a pet store or third party retailer.
5) Ask how old the mom of the puppies is or will be when she has the puppies.
6) Ask if you can visit the breeder to meet their dogs and see how they are kept. If you can’t see them in person before placing a deposit ask if you can see pictures and/or videos of their dogs, where they live, where the puppies are raised, and how the puppies are socialized.
7) If a breeder doesn’t ask you any questions and is only concerned about payment- RUN!
Lyric & Milan (owned by Krissy Stanford), Nekora, Delilah, & Astrid (owned by Alexis Amerosa), Malone & Ruby, & Sly (owned by Caitlyn Wolpert)


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Malone is on the far right. The Black & Tan Shibas are owned by Alexis Amerosa, and the red girls are owned by Krissy Stanford


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