A Shiba has owned my heart since I was seven years old.

In 1990, one year before I was born, my mom bought her first show dog, an Akita named Abbey. I grew up going to dog shows and not only did I want to walk our dogs, I wanted to show them. At seven years old, the Akitas were much too powerful for me so my mom began searching for a breed of dog that she would enjoy and I could handle. She came across the Shiba Inu and gave me my first Shiba, who I named Jewel, when I was seven years old. I was instantly in love and only grew to love her more over the next sixteen years.

After Jewel passed it took me reaching out to many breeders, visiting a couple of breeders, and waiting a year until I brought my next Shiba puppy, Ruby, home from AKC Judge and Breeder of Merit Patricia Gilliard of Oak’s Kennels in 2015. With Ruby’s breeder’s blessing I began showing her and later brought home another Shiba, Malone, from Patricia. When Ruby was three years old I decided to have her first litter of puppies. At the time I had no idea Ruby was going to become my foundation bitch, but I have been so blessed with her. She is everything that I could ask for; a beautiful bitch with sound structure, temperament, and health, a wonderful companion, and an amazing mother. I can’t thank Patricia enough for the opportunities and guidance she’s given me. I love that I have the opportunity to preserve this amazing and quirky breed and share them with fellow Shiba lovers.

Through my mom and her love of Akitas I was given an amazing start towards showing and breeding not only dogs, but primitive dogs. I watched my mom groom, show, whelp and raise Akitas my entire life. I saw what a labor of love breeding is and I’ve also seen and felt the bonds created not only between people and their dogs but between people through their dogs. I am blessed to be able to bring such joy to others while preserving the Shiba Inu. This bold and spirited breed isn’t for everyone, but I couldn’t imagine my life without one.